Proms in the Park-RAF St Mawgan

Proms in the Park-RAF St Mawgan

On Saturday 7th September 2013,Ray performed at Proms in the Park,celebrating the 70th Anniversary of RAF St Mawgan,Newquay.

Jailhouse Rock

Fly Me To The Moon(Duet with Kit Williams)


Photo's From the Event

(photo's courtesy of RQW member Linda)

  photo bb8ec8d1-1c98-4b72-8ee3-7e4ce4f044fa_zps77ddac7a.jpg

  photo 0b4d3842-f322-4695-b435-233bd5a82d27_zps2847a743.jpg

  photo b751c5a8-d17d-4f63-a395-5e3203a1aeeb_zpsf5ce3178.jpg

  photo 3807bb1a-8ed6-46f9-9b80-c9941b9941ed_zps055f5a4c.jpg

  photo 1f3bd5d2-81a7-4fc3-bc24-7ef450c0dc18_zps11e8513d.jpg


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