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I thought it was time,I told you a little bit about me,and how RQW came about. My name is Amanda,and I have been a fan of the very talented Ray Quinn since he first appeared in Brookside in 1999,and I have followed his career since then.I didn't get the chance to meet Ray,however,until June 2008.

How RQW Became a Reality

I had the idea for RQW after Ray's original website disbanded.I thought it wasn't right that such a talented performer as Ray,was just left without a website.I also knew Ray's fans from his old forum had no where to chat about the fantastic Quinny,now our forum was gone. So in November 2008,I set about creating a website for Ray and all of his fans.My main hope is that in some small way,Ray is proud of this site,as much as I am,and that all of Ray's fans old and new enjoy visiting this site to find out about our favourite Scouser.

As well as current news,I also have a large archive of Ray's career,as I think it is something fantastic to look back on all of Ray's achievements,and what he has accomplished in his career,so far.


RQW's highest viewing figures,were on 5th January 2014,when on the Dancing on Ice All Stars first night,our viewing figures topped 10,000,in just a few hours

RQW turns 6 Years Old on 20th November 2014


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