Dancing On Ice – Week Six

Ray and Maria- Jump Back In Time to 1984

Week 6 saw the Dancing on Ice cast stepping back in time to 1984,in celebration of Torvil and Dean’s Gold Medal winning performance of Bolero at the Winter Olympics in 1984.To start with there was a special 1984 inspired group routine,with Ray teaming up with the boys (Kyran Bracken,Sam Attwater,Dan Whiston Lukasz Rozycki and Matt Evers),skating to Wild Boys.In their pairs skate Ray and Maria skated to Jump by Van Halen.

Ray and Maria’s routine was a first for Dancing on Ice,containing a whopping 6 Jumps.The routine was fast,and energetic and Ray attacked each jump with power,strength and passion.Proving that he once again deserved the top spot on the leaderboard and his score of 39.5.

Judges Comments

ASHLEY ROBERTS: You are so good, you are jumping and flying and swinging and changing ways.

KAREN BARBER: It is still looking promising for you out there. It was amazing. Never have we had so much content, changes of direction, a little of the edge work is a little scratchy but I thought it was amazing.

JASON GARDINER: What I love about you Ray is that now you are blurring the lines between the pro and the celeb. I can’t fault you, it is delivered with such panache. Everything you do is so awe inspiring. I forget you are on ice.

NICKY SLATER: I think if I had been here from the start of the series I might have been warmed up to a ten but I saw six jumps here, it was a little scratchy and it could have been faster. The last two jumps in particular that was really strong. It was a fantastic performance but it wasn’t perfect yet.

Week 6 Performance