Get Your Act Together

 Ray Quinn Impresses with his Impressions

In January 2015,Ray took part in the new ITV 'Get Your Act Together'.The show aimed to teach various celebrities different variety acts.Ray's mentor for the show was Debra Stephenson,and he had to learn how to be an impressionist.The show was filmed in front of a studio audience,and they had the final say as to which celebrity,got through to the final each week.Other Celebrities in Ray's episode were rugby player Gareth Thomas,model Danielle Lloyd,Actress Sherrie Hewson and singer Brian McFadden.Ray won his episode and will feature in the grand final on 22nd February 2015.


Screenshots from the show  photo 478f37c8-d3df-4a00-aef1-62c96068dfef_zpsa58a1e4b.jpg

 Ray as Louis Walsh

 photo b28cba4e-1608-413c-ac01-f307df2898d0_zps40c3ec0b.jpg

 Ray as John Bishop photo 3ca87858-b40c-44d4-a02b-9009b40ef825_zps44fe3806.jpg

 Ray as Alan Carr

 photo e9865f19-ba9e-4a4a-ab56-a6902e5956b2_zpsefb5b5cc.jpg

Ray as Joe Pasquale

 photo 365f1e57-a59f-4d1e-bf6d-c3e9f9b7d12e_zpsaaed165b.jpg

 Ray as Ronan Keating

  photo a61e2589-1dca-4474-9e0e-81a19e22aad2_zps37db9b89.jpg

Ray winning his heat of 'Get Your Together'

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