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After leaving school at 16, he enrolled at the Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre, studying alongside Kirsty McInerney, his ballroom dancing partner.

Although they have known each other for eight years, Ray and Kirsty, now 19, have only been dating for the past year and a half, although he rather sweetly refers to her as 'my little sunshine'. 'We've always been close friends and she's always stood by me, so she doesn't need to worry about female fans - not that she is worried. She knows me well and knows that I don't mind signing autographs and photos, but that's as far as it goes. Are we going to get married? Well, I'm only 18,' he says, blanching slightly, 'so I'm not really thinking about that now. At the moment, I still live with my parents and I don't even know if Kirsty and I are going to move in together.'

Guided by the indomitable Simon Cowell, whom Ray refers to as 'Dad' ('he tells me off and says to call him older brother'), his shortterm future certainly looks assured. With a debut album out this month, a tour in October and a potential promotion for Wella Hair Care being mentioned, Ray is even being touted to play Robbie Williams in a forthcoming musical about Take That. 'There are rumours about it and I would be so honoured if that happened. I think he knows I'm a fan and he's heard of me, but we haven't met. And the fact that he made a swing album too is just perfect.' If Ray is worried about the ghosts of The X Factor's past (Steve Brookstein, anyone?), then he certainly isn't showing it. 'It could all end tomorrow,' he shrugs, 'but I just want to keep going, have fun and never let what I'm doing become a chore.' And with that he leaves, offering a signature Ray Quinn wink, his quiff standing firm despite its recent tribulations.

He's such a sweetheart, one very much hopes that Ray is made of similarly hardy stuff.

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X FACTOR hopeful Ray Quinn is pumping iron to keep in shape for his efforts to win the show. Meanwhile Leona Lewis, 21, and Nikitta Angus, 18, have found another way to keep fit, The girls, right, worked off some energy with a good old-fashioned pillow fight. Ray, 18, and Leona also managed to grab some time with their partners this week. An insider said: "They were desperate to make some sweet music of their own."

Ray's Corker Of A Deal

X FACTOR runner-up Ray Quinn cracked open a bottle of bubbly after learning he'd landed a megabucks record deal with his mentor Simon Cowell. The 18-year-old Scouser - who lost out to Leona Lewis in Saturday's final - is expected to release an album of Rat Pack swing songs in the spring. And last night he beamed: "I'm made up. This is great news. I said if I didn't win on Saturday then it wouldn't be the last people have heard of Ray Quinn - and it's right. I was to born to perform. All I want to do is entertain people." Cowell, 47, held hush-hush talks with Ray just hours after the show and gave him the good news. He said: "Now the show's over I am going to have a quiet word with Ray and he will be happy. "We certainly won't be letting him go. He will be smiling with the news I've got for him." Former Brookside star Ray - who's dating Kirsty McInerney, 19 - had been a strong contender to win at the weekend. In the last week fans started backing him as the dark horse of the contest. Cowell said he didn't mind who won because both singers had been hand-picked by him for his 16 to 24-year-olds category. But Ray - whose idols include Elvis and Frank Sinatra - had always hoped he might "swing it" with the public. He said: "I am an allround performer who just loves to entertain people. "That's why I hoped I could win this. "But it was always down to the public at the end of the day to decide who they wanted." Now Ray will be able to realise his dream of becoming a chart star by signing a record deal with Cowell in the New Year. Under show rules, he won't be able to release his own material until the spring - after Leona's debut single and album have been launched. He laughed: "I have no idea what to call the album yet. How about Quinny's Hits or Swing When Your Quinning?" Ray said The X Factor had changed his life for the better. And he hoped he could prove his critics wrong. He added: "The show taught me that to be the best then you have to give it everything you've got. "I hope I did that. And just like Frank Sinatra, I did it my way." Ray admitted that Leona was a better singer than him. He was dubbed "panto boy" by judge Sharon Osbourne, 54, and a "one-trick pony" by her colleague Louis Walsh, also 54. He said: "It did hurt but they were comments I needed to take on board. Of course, I'd like the champagne lifestyle. But fame won't change me."


Ray Quinn & Leona Lewis - Set to compete in X Factor final
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15 December 2006
X Factor's Ray & Leona look ahead to final

As they prepare for a final showdown in 'The X Factor' Ray Quinn and Leona Lewis have spoken about how they are feeling about the last show in the series.

Ray said: "What a journey, I can't believe it. Leona and I have come all the way through Bootcamp and Miami, and I knew all along that she would go all the way and be in the final, but I never thought I would.

"To be able to share it with Leona is amazing," he said.

Leona said: "This 'X Factor' journey has been going on for me for six months now. I cannot believe I have got this far and that I'm into in the final."

"This final week has been the most intense week, filled with so many different emotions. One minute I am crying and one minute I have been sad, then the next I feel elated and happy. "

Leona said earlier this week: "Right now I am feeling quite nervous about Saturday so I'll just spend the week working the hardest I have ever worked."

"This Saturday I am just going to enjoy it. We've got our work cut out for us but Ray and I are just going to go for it and hopefully it will be a great show."

Leona is due to open the show after Ray won the toss and opted to go second.





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