Hi, my name is Ray Quinn, 2016 was a year when I decided to start my own personal blog and talk about all sorts of things including sports, culture, and even politics. For Ray Quinn, 2017 became the year when the world actually started spinning in regards to my online activity. Today, I’m going to start a long journey through my world. The point of departure is the popular soccer teams that I like. We will talk about some of the most influential soccer clubs and national leagues.

My Favorite Teams and Players

Here are several teams that I just love:

  • Barcelona. It is hard to not love this amazing team with so many great accomplished players. It is one of the most decorated and expensive clubs in the world. It is home to the greatest player of all time (in my opinion) Messi. When your club is worth $4.06 billion, failing is not an option. Barcelona managed to win many international titles. For Ray Quinn, 2016’s Barcelona is the best club in history and one of the most popular soccer teams.
  • Arsenal. While I love Barcelona for being this exceptionally valuable team with outstanding players capable of winning the most important international cups, my favorite team is possibly Arsenal. I just love that Arsene Wenger had been leading the club for over 22 years and managed to build a really consistent team without overspending on imports. For Ray Quinn, 2017’s season was a very emotional period. I heard about Arsene leaving and couldn’t imagine the team without him.
When it comes to my favorite players, I have a strong number 1. Yes, I said that Messi is the best, but he is by no means my favorite. I believe that a good athlete should be a great entertainer. Soccer fans have already guessed who I’m talking about. Just like myself, the guy loves talking about himself in the third person. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an amazingly talented player who managed to win most national leagues he played in.

International Soccer Leagues and Championships

Popular soccer teams often become famous internationally simply due to the fact that there are many international championships. Obviously, we have the World Cup, Copa America, European Championship, and many other events where national teams clash to sort out the best. However, we also have very important international events where soccer clubs face each other for prestige points.

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Best Soccer Players in the World

I don’t think that the best require any introduction. There are so many amazing soccer players (Kylian Mbappe, Luiz Suarez, Harry Cane, Edin Dzeko, Edinson Cavani, and more). However, there are several players that I value a little bit more than any other athlete.

  • Christiano Ronaldo is regularly in the talks when it comes to determining the GoaT of the game. He is a skillful player who also demonstrates outstanding athletic prowess whenever he graces us with his appearance in the field.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic is my favorite. He has 31 trophies and many unique achievements (like being the only player in the Barcelona’s history to score in each of 5 first matches), as well as a very big mouth to trash talk his opponents whenever he gets a chance. He is one of the rare players who actually can back up their words. He played in some of the most popular soccer teams in history including Barcelona, Inter, PSG, and Manchester United.
  • Neymar Jr. is another mind-bogglingly strong player with amazing technical ability and striker’s sense. He just knows where to stand to be in a perfect position to score. One of the foundational blocks in his national team, Neymar is probably the second best player currently playing (in my book).
  • Lionel Messi is the best player in the world both statistically and judging by what other professional players and trainers have to say about him. Messi’s talent is a gift that the world cherishes and adores. He is Barcelona’s main star and proves each year that the lifetime investment made by the club was not for nothing!

These players play in the most popular soccer teams and make us love this game more than any other competitive sport!