Ray on Dancing On Ice

“Give me pink and give me diamonds and I’m glamorous, baby. Call me Jordan.”

Singer Ray Quinn has admitted he’s partial to the odd spray tan and wants to be dressed like Jordan when he takes to the ice.

He said: “Give me pink and give me diamonds and I’m glamorous, baby. Call me Jordan – I’m up for all that.

“I’ve had a couple of spray tans in the past – I’m no stranger to that.

“I am happy and I’m looking forward to it, I can’t wait to get my costumes and when we get to the studio, as that is going to be absolutely immense. It’s certainly one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Ray also said he will be quite competitive when the series starts.

He said: “I think after a few more lessons I’ll be at a standard that I’m happy with, but I want to be really good.

“I am definitely competitive. Within myself I’m very competitive. I’m not a nasty competitive person, for me it’s all about bettering myself and improving, getting to the top of my game.

“I think it’s something in me that has been passed down by my family, they’re all like that.”

Ray said his mum is excited about watching the show.

He added: “She’s like, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to come down and watch you, I’ll be voting for you.’”

Ray said he is too young to remember Torvill and Dean when they were at the height of their career but is still in awe of them.

He said: “I’ve seen them perform demos together and they’re just phenomenal. It’s like a dream when you watch them. I know that sounds really cheesy but they’re so effortless on the ice. If I can get an eighth of that talent in my little legs then I’m on to a winner.”

He hopes that being a trained dancer will help him.

He said: “I’d love to be able to jump and do a spin and land. That’s my main goal for sure.

“Torvill and Dean said at our first meeting that being a dancer would help with how you perform and how you hold yourself. In dancing you learn that at an early age.

“I’ll be up for anything. I’d love to skate to Michael Jackson or some songs from musicals.

“Maria is great, she is my little mate. She’s not too strict, she is just really cool and just chilled and she is like, ‘You know what, I’ve got no worries,’ so I’m just buzzing.

“I love the training, it’s so amazing, I mean Maria is just brilliant and a great teacher and the routine is brilliant and the people are brilliant and life is great.

“We have attempted a few lifts off the ice but we haven’t really done much on the ice so far. Maria is great and we click really well. She has always said that as long as you can skate on your own really well then there should be no problems and we should be able to skate together. The routine itself is going really well.

“I have sort of got used to it now, because I have been dancing since the age of three. I have been lifting girls for years now and I have never really dropped a girl ever, so I am quite comfortable with it, and she trusts me, which is good, I hope.

“I have fallen over a few times but only really when I have been messing about. Maria has been giving me little things to do to try to get good at and I’ve been trying at it and sliding everywhere like a kid on my knees.”