Dancing On Ice- The Final

The Mighty Quinn is Crowned Champion of Champions

The Final of Dancing on Ice 2014,saw remaining celebrities,Ray Quinn,Hayley Tamaddon and Beth Tweddle,show off their skating prowess in a skating showcase.Each celebrity and their professional partner were skating with a team of other skating professionals in a bid to impress the audience at home.

The Performance

Surfs Up

Ray and Maria’s skating showcase was based around a beach theme.They were skating alongside professional skaters Sylvian Longchambon,Andy Buchannon,Robyn Johnstone and Vicky Ogden.They were skating to a Beach Boys Medley.From the moment Ray skated onto the ice,you knew you were in for an amazing routine,not only was the very gorgeous Mr Quinn skating topless,he came out looking like he was ready to make the ice his own.The routine was flawless and Ray looked at ease the whole time,performing some amazing lifts,an assisted backflip and also surfing on ice.Ray scored 40/40.

Judges Comments

JASON GARDINER :- Incredible,you really know how to get a crowd going,you are so in command of your performance,so in command of your technique,so in command of your skating.There are people that are talented,and then there are people that are stars,and you are a star.

KAREN BARBER :- That was absolutely amazing,if I could that would have been an 11 from me.

ASHLEY ROBERTS :- It was so amazing,so together,it was hot,it was fabulous,it was great.

ROBIN COUSINS :- Hoo-Ray,Absolutely fantastic

A Fiery Flamenco

For their favourite skate,Ray and Maria chose,their Week 4 skate.The Fiery Passionate Flamenco routine from Dance Week.They were skating to Malaguena.As in week 4,the audience were treated to fiery Flamenco,with power,speed and passion.The judges were unanimous and gave the routine the perfect 40 score.

Save The Last Dance

Ray and Maria had the amazing honour of being the last couple to ever perform on Dancing on Ice.The routine they performed was their adaptation of Torvil and Dean’s legendary Bolero.The routine,which was choreographed by Ray and Maria, took the audience on personal journey,incorporating key moves from all their past routines from the last 9 weeks.The routine was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking to watch.

Judges Comment

JASON GARDINER :- Ray that was absolutely beautiful,your interpretation was just beautiful with the music,and the way that you an Maria work together is an absolute joy to watch.I loved everything about the choreography.

ASHLEY ROBERTS :- There is really no more I can say,you were amazing,you were fabulous.It was beautiful.

KAREN BARBER :- That was stunning,one of the best Bolero’s we’ve ever seen.

ROBIN COUSINS :- That was so sublime,because you had nothingto prove,apart from that you love being on the ice with Maria.