Ray has won Dancing On Ice 2009.After 11 Weeks of entertaining the nation Ray has lifted the trophy to become Dancing on Ice Champion 2009.Along with his fabulous partner Maria Fillipov Ray gave a fabulous performance.First up was the required element routine which this week involved flying.This particular element was not easy for Ray as he has a fear of heights and gets motion sickness,but in true Ray Quinn style he gave it his all.In the first routine Ray and Maria were dressed in Black, Pink,green and Orange Stripes and skated to Greatest Day by Take That.It really was Ray’s greatest day as he flew round the rink with elegance and grace,and his nerves,although he may have had them didn’t show.Maria helped Ray conquer his fears and the judges gave him the Perfect score of 30 points.

The next routine was the amazing 80’s week number,skating to Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship.Once again Ray gave a fabulous performance and showed what an all round show man he is.He had all the elegance and grace of a professional skater.The judges once again gave Ray the perfect score.

Next up was the infamous Bolero which Ray helped chreograph.Dressed in iconic purple Ray put every ounce of emotion into a truly beautiful and breathtaking routine.Ray and Maria’s Bolero was truly a Dancing On Ice classic,with intricate skating and movements,which showed Ray’s natural talent for dancing on ice.The nation agreed and crowned Ray Dancing On Ice champion.Ray could not believe it as this had been his dream and thanks to his fans he achieved it.