Dancing On Ice Tour Dates 2009

Dancing On Ice Tour-The 25th Anniversary Bolero Tour,2009

On 2nd April 2009,Torvil and Dean embarked on their 25th Anniversary Bolero Tour.Ably assisting them on tour are 2009 Champion Ray Quinn and other 2009 contestants,Jessica Taylor,Todd Carty,Melinda Messenger,Roxanne Pallet ,Zoe Salmon and special guest apperances by Donal MacIntyre(Wembley Only).Contestants from previous years are Suzanne Shaw and Chris Fountain(2008) and Kyran Bracken(2007).Professional skater on the tour are Maria Filippov,Pavel Aubrecht,Susie Lipanova,Fred Palascak,Melanie Lambert,Matt Evers,Daniel Whiston,Frankie Poultney, Andrei Lipanov,Lukasz Rozycki and Alexandra Schaumann.