Ray On Dancing On Ice-Week 4


Ray and Maria skated to Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson.Ray was even allowed to choregraph some of his own moves.Despite having a small stumble,Ray recovered well,and still came top of the leader board with a respectable 24 points.It was another fab performance.

What did the Ice Panel have to say?

Nicky Slater: (scored 5) “Such quality. You have the potential to be the best skater we’ve ever had on Dancing

On Ice.

“Some of the things you’re doing and some of the quality of the movements are of a very high level. However, because you have the potential I’d like you to go for speed over ice. Your spirals are excellent but let’s see it go up a gear now.”

Jason Gardiner: (scored 4) “I think this wasn’t your best week. Choreographically this isn’t your style either, you’re not able to do the robotics very well.

“It was a little too polite for me and not convincing.”