Dancing On Ice- The Semi Final

Flying,Skating and a Skate Off Shock

The Semi Final saw remaining celebrities Ray,Hayley Tammadon,Sam Attwater and Beth Tweddle,once again take to the skies for Flying Week.Each celebrity had 2 routines,a Flying routine and a usual couples skate.

Flying Routine

In the flying routine,Ray and Maria were flying and skating to Arthur’s Theme by Christopher Cross.As everyone know’s Ray is not a fan of the flying routine as he suffers with motion sickness,however despite this Ray pulled off an amazing performance,and smiled throughout.We thought Ray’s transitions from air to ice and vice versa,were beautiful and the routine told such a beautiful story,and it was magical to watch.The routine though was saddely undermarked,with the judges scores ranging from an 8.5 through to a 10.The routine scored 37 points.

Couples Skate

In the couples skate,Ray and Maria skated to Let Her Go by Passenger.This routine was Ray,back on the ice and in his element.The routine was passionate and graceful with elements of ballet and Ray executed the routine perfectly,he carried himself with such grace,and his lifts were strong.The judges were all in agreement this time,awarding the routine the perfect score of 40 points.

Judges Comments

ROBIN COUSINS :- It’s sublime to watch you two skate.Maria can skate the way she was taught to skate,not have to worry about the person at her side.Congratulations young man.

KAREN BARBER :- It is absolutely beautiful,you can’t put a foot wrong.You understand the light and the shade,when to be strong,when to be gentle.The performance was just beautiful.

ASHLEY ROBERTS :- It’s the balance you find between the masculine side and the feminine grace.It’s gorgeous to watch,everybody was engaged in the performance.It was beautiful.

JASON GARDINER :- You gave elegance and grace and sophistication.The range that you have as a performer and as a competitor in this competition,is probably one of the best,that we’ve ever had,and I absolutely,love watching you Ray.

The Skate Off

Despite being second on the leaderboard,proving that no one is safe,Ray faced his first ever skate off against Sam Attwater.Ray and Maria,skated to You Make It Real by James Morrison,their Week 3,2009 routine.Ray performed the routine with grace and elegance,showcasing both his technical and artistic abilities on the ice.The judges were unanimous and chose Ray to win a place in the grand final.