Dancing On Ice -Week 7

Beauty,Grace and Poise

Week 7 saw Ray and Maria slowing down the pace,skating to a routine they had choreographed themselves.They skated to 2011 hit, Lego House by Ed Sheeran.

The routine was beautiful from start to finish.Ray showed he could truly dance on ice,bring beauty,grace and poise to every move and lift during the routine,whilst equally showcasing not only his own ability on ice,but that of his skating partner Maria Filippov.Ray and Maria scored a well deserved maximum score of 40 points.

Judges Comments

NICKY SLATER :This is the whole package really,it’s soft and it’s strong,and it has such deftness of touch.

JASON GARDINER :- That my boy,is Dancing On Ice ,you don’t require any of the big lifts or the tricks,what you do,is you dance,you commit and you have a beautiful connection with your partner,and it is sublime to watch.

ASHLEY ROBERTS : It’s the little things that you execute so beautifully.I haven’t been moved like that in so long,it was so gorgeous and so beautiful.

KAREN BARBER : It was absolutely emotional,when Maria skates with you,you give her the confidence that she can perform,you actually skate as equals now.

Team Challenge-Boys vs Girls

This week was also team challenge week,where both Ray and Hayley(being the highest scoring performers from the previous week,led their teams.It was boys vs girls.Team Boys saw Ray,Kyran Bracken and Sam Attwater,and skating partners, Maria Filippov,Nina Ulanova and Vicky Ogden,skating to Uptown Girl.
The routine was fun,fast and full of personality,and the judges agreed,meaning victory for Team Ray,seeing their points doubled on the leaderboard.