Ray starring in Grease



..From June 16th 2008 -15th November 2008 Ray starred as youngest T-bird Doody in the hit musical Grease at the Piccadilly Theatre in the Westend of London.




Danny Zuko-Danny Bayne,Kenickie-Stuart Ramsay,Doody-Ray Quinn,Sonny-Bennett Andrews,Roger-Kris Harding

The Pink Ladies

Sandy Dumbrowski-Nicola Brazil,Rizzo-Natalie Langston,Frenchy-Emily Bull,Marty-Emma Stephens,Jan-Laura Wilson



My Review of Grease-18th June 2008

Grease is one of my all time favourite musicals and I have been to see the stage version many many times and I an avid fan of Ray Quinn for many years I was very excited to see this version too,and I wasn't disappointed.

Ray plays the youngest T Bird Doody,Doody is the  T-Bird with the biggest smile,they kindest heart and is in awe of all his T- Bird friends.The role of Doody was made for Ray,he has all the boundless energy and personality that makes you instantly drawn to him whenever he is on stage.From the minute the cheeky charmer enters the stage in Grease Is The Word you are captivated by his energy.Ray's standout performance came in Those Magic Changes which was,for me,the show stealer of the night!!Ray's faultless vocals and energetic dance rountines (Ray's pelvis has a mind of it's own!!!)showed what a great talent this young man is,and i'm sure he has a brilliant future ahead of him.The extra dance sequences chreographed especially for Ray's portrayal of Doody made good use of Ray's dancing skills.Ray also has amazing comic timing and brought a great sense of Comedy to the role of the hapless,love struck T-Bird.

Danny Bayne as the Danny Zuko,put in a good performance and it is easy to see why he won the coveted role,as his vocals are strong throughout (especially in key solo Sandy)Danny also connects well with the audience,and his years of ballroom and latin dancing are brought to notice in the dance scene at the prom,with Cha Cha(Kristina MacMillan)

The role of lovestruck teen Sandy Dumbrowski is played by newcomer Nicola Brazil,who plays the role of Sandy well,although at first her portrayal is some what different to others I have seen,I soon became used to her slightly more aggresive portrayal,Nicola's vocal range is amazing and her solo number,Hopelessly Devoted To You,shows of off her vocal range at its best.

Other cast members worthy of mention are Natalie Langston who plays leader of the Pink Ladies tRizzo.her strong acting skills are visable for all to see as Rizzo struggles with her feelings over her mistaken pregnancy.There Are Worst Things I can Do,showcases Natalies amazing vocals and it is clear she sings from the heart.

Jason Capewell as the comedic Teen Angel is a real crowd pleaser with his sometimes camp rendition of Beauty School Dropout,he has the audience in stitches.

As a whole new cast has alot of talent others worthy of mention are Stuart Ramsay(Kenickie),who's version of Greased Lighning is popular with audiences,Kristina Macmillan(Cha Cha) is an amazing dancer and her portrayal of rough as nails Cha Cha is worthy of note.

This is a fabulous production of a well loved classic musical,and I guarantee you will be singing the songs for weeks!! 

 Summer Nights

Grease Lightning



Ray and Russel Smith

Ray and Calum Nicol

Ray with Kristina Macmillan(ChaCha)and Kris Harding(Roger)

Ray with Kristina Macmillan(ChaCha)


Ray with Kristina Macmillan(ChaCha) and Kris Harding(Roger)

Ray with Kris Harding(Roger)

Pictures 3-7 Kristina Macmillan

Grease Promo Shots-2008 Cast

Ray Performing as Doody






London Broadway.com interview


Ray Quinn in Grease
The 19-year-old sensation from ITV's X-Factor has stepped into the part of Doody for a five-month run through November at the Piccadilly Theatre. For Quinn, the irrepressible Doody allows the correspondingly cheerful fresh-faced performer to bring into the theater admirers not just of his eye-catching appearance on X Factor, where he went head to head with Leona Lewis in the quest to become champ, but also those who might have heard his platinum-selling album, "Doing It My Way," or caught him on the ever-popular U.K. soap opera, Brookside. Broadway.com caught up with Quinn a week into his West End stage debut to quiz him on the rigors of theater, why he didn't become a carpet fitter and—the inevitable topic—his hair.



You've been in the show a week now. How does it feel?
It's fabulous, you know? It's everything I expected, and more—I love it. I couldn't have wished for anything else. This was always a thing I wanted to achieve in life: Grease was one of my all-time favorite shows. I'd been for all kinds of auditions for things in the past, but this was the one where I went the furthest. I got the phone call telling me I had the job the same afternoon, after three auditions!


Well, if you'll allow me to say so, your hair is made for the part.
[Laughs.] It's extra long, like, now—really big and humongous, but the bigger the better, I say. I like the long hair. It's really nice.


Is it heavy?
It's like an afro, my hair, but I've had it really long before, even longer—sort of four inches all over. I'm a bit of an old soul in that way, really. I like the old-fashioned Elvis look and stuff like that.


It's certainly given you a signature look, ever since X-Factor. How long ago was that by now?
It's been two years, amazingly, but it's gone really fast, and I've been working nonstop. It's been amazing: every week has been fantastic, and for me to be living my dream like this has been unreal. I couldn't have asked for anything more.


So, what do you think of Doody? Is he a good fit for Ray Quinn?
He's sort of like the fun-lovin', cheeky chappie kinda guy: being a t-bird, that's his life; that's his main priority, to be in this little gang. He's like the chirpy one in the group, always looking up to the oldest guys.


It's fascinating, I think, for Americans like myself the enduring appeal of Grease and Saturday Night Fever and Fame and shows like that on the West End.
Well, I think especially Grease, which really is legendary and has left a stamp on things. It has songs everybody knows—I don't know one person who doesn't know the music. It's been around so long that the musical has a lot to live up to with regard to the movie, which I think it does tremendously. You know the songs; you get to know each and every character as a person in a way that you don't always in the film, where sometimes you don't really notice [some of the characters].



Is it hard, then, to figure out how to pitch it in performance?
No. Once you get to a certain point, you've got to be consistent. You've just got to keep the energy going. I mean, you know yourself when you've done a good show.


I gather dancing for you really is second nature.
Oh God, yeah [laughs], I've been dancing since I was three. It's just one of those things that has become my life. It feels like home for me, so when you put dancing, singing and acting together, it's like magic.


Do you ever feel, then, that you're somewhat out of time, between Grease and the Elvis thing you have going on?
I don't know. My dad is, like, 60 now, and my mum nearly 60, and they've always listened to that type of music. My nan [grandmother] is 80 now, and she has a lot of fond memories of that period, and sometimes I do feel that it would have been really fun to be there and appreciate Elvis when he was first happening. I'd love to have been a part of it, but by doing Grease, I do feel a part of it.


But you're the first in your family to go this particular showbiz route, aren't you?
None of my family was into ballroom or Latin dancing or any kind of entertainment. What happened was that my mum sent me for some lessons, and I really enjoyed it; it just became a natural thing for me. My dad had always said, "Find something you love, and get paid for it," which made sense to me [laughs]. My dad is a carpet fitter and my two brothers are carpet fitters.


So that was the family business.
[Laughs] Until I broke the mould.


Did you feel brave striking out in your own direction?
No, not really. I knew I never wanted to be a carpet fitter and that I wanted to do something different. I love a challenge.


Which X-Factor certainly was. Do you ever see Simon Cowell these days?
I haven't spoken to him for a while. He's really busy, if you know what I mean [laughs]. At this moment in time, I'm concentrating on what I've got.


Are there other shows you'd like to do?
Saturday Night Fever: I'd love to play Tony Manero. Maybe Footloose—there are plenty of ones out there. But I don't think I'd do a TV soap again. I really enjoyed that but I 've been there and done that.


How much rehearsal did they give you for this takeover?
Four to five weeks, which I suppose isn't too bad. The hardest bit was the dance moves, or getting the dance moves together with the words: the hand jive, that was the hardest. Apart from that, it all fitted together. I could do it all day—10 times a day, 20 times a day easy.


How's the American accent going?
I'm getting all right with the accents—although you'd probably think I was rubbish.












On Saturday 21st June 2008,Ray and the cast of Grease performed at Westend Live,one of the most popular theatre events in London,this event is held in Leicester Square in the heart of theatre land!!

The new Grease cast performing at Westend Live 2008

Ray at Westend Live





Other Theatre Credits include :-

1998-Me And My Girl (Empire Theatre,Liverpool),Peter Pan (Neptune Theatre,Liverpool)

2004-Buster(Liverpool Playhouse)


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