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Ray's question and answer session involves Simon Cowell,Torvill and Dean and Danny and Doody

 BBC RADIO 2 INTERVIEW-30th March 2009

Ray chats to  Simon Mayo about the his involvement in the Dancing On Ice Tour,Playing Danny Zuko in Grease and what it's like being Dancing On Ice Champion 2009.


Dancing On Ice star Ray Quinn on how he fought for his fame

Bullies used to call him sissy, but it toughened him up. He's having the last laugh..

Ray Quinn (Pic:Rex)  

Wearing a smile that showed he was loving every minute, Ray Quinn glided into the Dancing On Ice final last night with such confidence you'd think he was born with skates on his feet.

The fresh-faced 20-year-old has not even been fazed by the sparkly costumes he's had to wear for the hit ITV celebrity contest.

For yesterday's tense semi-final, in which Coleen Nolan got voted off, he showed off his toned torso in a clingy, red see-through shirt.

An audience that included Heather Mills was wowed by Ray's hot Latino-themed routine with his skating partner Maria Filippov.

Watching him spin and jump - a perfect picture of health, youth and vitality - it is hard to believe that Ray nearly did not make it to his first birthday.

But the determination that saw him beat deadly meningitis as a baby later helped him fend off school bullies, who physically attacked him and scoffed at his ambition to dance by calling him "Gay Ray".

And thanks to his incredible drive, Ray is having the last laugh now.

In an exclusive interview with the Mirror, his grandmother says that Ray has always been a fighter.

Marjorie Tasker, 82, reveals: "Ray's been a healthy child except when he was about two or three months old.

"He caught meningitis. It was very worrying. He was taken to hospital and it was touch and go for a while. The doctors thought he could die.

"Everyone was very worried and scared. But he pulled through, thank goodness. It wasn't a nice time seeing him so ill in hospital.

"But he has always been a determined boy and much tougher than he looks."

Ray's health wasn't the only worry when he was growing up in Childwall, Liverpool.

Marjorie, a widower who is Ray's maternal grandma, says Ray's love of dancing and singing led to him being picked on by school bullies at Gateacre Comprehensive.

She says: "The other kids called him 'Gay Ray' because he was into singing and dancing. They'd grab hold of his satchel, pull him to the ground and then attack him.

"He was quite scared at times but I think it toughened him up. He was just a bit different from the other boys and they couldn't handle it."

Fellow pupil Rachel Williams, now a 21-year-old mum-of-one, says: "I remember him liking the girls more than the boys. He liked dancing and that kind of thing and not football like all the other boys.

"They called him names and pushed him around. But he's done the best of anyone at school, so good for him."

Ray's best friend Gavin Tsang, 20, adds: "Those bullies made Ray a stronger, more determined person. He is so talented at everything and he's going to be a great success.

"He's had the last laugh on the senseless idiots who bullied him."

Ray himself has admitted: "I wasn't interested in football like the other lads. I'd have the odd kickabout but I was too worried about getting hit by the ball.

"Even then I was thinking about a career in showbusiness and I didn't want my face getting messed up. And I didn't like getting muddy, so I got a bit of a hard time."

In a strange twist of fate, Ray's big break came at the age of 12 when he was cast as bullied schoolboy Antony Murray in Brookside. In the soap, Antony snapped and killed his tormentor.



Chronicle Live Interview 2007








Q and A with Ray Quinn

Ray Quinn

Ray Quinn has been a busy man after coming second in X Factor.

He's touring the UK and Ireland with the X Factor contestants and releases his first album on 12 March.

Newsround talks to the 18-year-old singer all about touring, his new album and how he relaxes after a busy day.

How's the X Factor tour going?
The tour's been going amazing. We're getting great receptions everywhere we go and it's really nice to see everyone again. Especially Leona. I haven't seen her for ages so it's been nice to catch up.
What songs will you be singing?
I don't want to tell you too much because I want you to come and see the show! We've all got our own sets and I sing four songs which are all from the X Factor show.
What three things are a must for your dressing room?
We're all friends so we're sharing. I've got my hair gel, Leona's got her hair curlers and Ashley's got his glitter!
Have you had a chance to chat to Leona? What have you been talking about?
Ray Quinn
We see each other every day so we've just been talking about what we've been up to and how it's all going. She's been doing some writing and working on her album.
Tell us about your new album. What was it like recording in Las Vegas?
That went amazing. The sound was unbelievable and Simon (Cowell) is really excited. He's really looking forward to it coming out. Vegas is a beautiful city and a beautiful place and recording it at Capitol just added to the excitement because it was where my idols, like Frank Sinatra, were. It was really special. When Simon listened to it back he was like 'Wow. I thought it would be good but I didn't think it would be that good'. And to hear that from Simon was amazing.
What's Simon Cowell really like? Is he as nasty as he seems on TV?
Well he's not nasty to me. He's so cool. He always gives you his honest and professional opinion and I respect him so much.
From the charts today, who would you say inspires you and why?
I like the Feeling, the Killers, Lemar and I love Robbie. He's always been an idol to me and they've all inspired me.
What advice would you give a young person wanting a singing career?
Don't just dream about it, go out there and work for it. Don't give up and don't listen to anyone who's negative about what you're trying to do. You've got to believe in yourself and keep looking forward. Never look back.
What's your goal in music?
Ray Quinn
I'm hoping to have a platinum selling album. I've got my own tour later this year and I'm hoping not to have a one-year career. I want to be here for lots of years!
How do you chill out from your busy schedule?
Time off's pretty slim but I'd rather be working hard than not at all! And everything happens for a reason. I love working hard and the more you work hard the more you get out of it.
Finally, what's next after the tour and album release?
I'm waiting to see how this first album goes but I've got my own tour coming up at the end of the year and I'm really looking forward to that.











Ray Quinn-Chronicle Live,Audio Interview






60 seconds with Ray Quinn(Metro.co.uk)


Ray Quinn

Teenage crooner Ray Quinn wowed the nation's mums with his relentless assault on Frank Sinatra's back catalogue on TV talent show The X Factor. However, poor Ray, who previously played schoolboy murderer Anthony Murray on Channel 4 soap Brookside, lost out in the final to Leona Lewis. The knockback didn't deter him. His self-titled album debuts today.

All this Frank Sinatra business on your album – would you listen to that stuff yourself?
Yeah, I grew up with it and I’ve got a passion for it. My dad’s quite old – he’s 60-odd now – and he’s listened to it all his life. When I was younger, he sat me down and said: ‘Listen to these,’ and played some Sinatra songs. I wanted to listen to more straightaway and then I started watching all the films like Singin’ In The Rain and got a real feel for it. I was always singing Sinatra songs around the house, into a comb, when I was six to entertain the family. I knew it was what I wanted to do and singers from that era have always been my idols.

So Simon Cowell hasn’t forced you to do it?
No, not at all. He knows what I like and what songs suit me, which is why we clicked on The X Factor. Simon’s cool. He took time to get to know me.

Would you prefer to do more straightforward pop?
I’m living my dream right now – just concentrating on perfecting the album. With swing, you know the songs are good because they’ve been around for 50 years and people are still playing and singing them. They’re the greatest songs of all time. I’m proud of what I’m doing and honoured to carry on the legacy of my idols.

Have you ever voted in a reality TV phone poll?
I voted for Chico. That’s it.

What was it like on the night of the final when you came second?
Obviously, there was a tiny bit of disappointment but it was Leona’s moment and I was made up for her. That was greater than me being disappointed. We became friends during the show. We both had this dream to win and she deserved all she got. That’s why I lifted her up – because I was so happy. An hour later, Simon said to me: ‘I want to sign you’. He’s never personally signed anyone before, so it was a great honour to have him behind me. I think Leona and I were both winners on the night.

There was a tiny bit of disappointment but Leona deserved all she got. That’s why I lifted her up.

Have you had women throwing themselves at you yet?
I’ve been in LA where no one knows me recording the album, so I haven’t had the chance to find out. I was staying in a hotel and walked through the lobby. There was a bar mitzvah going on and someone recognised me and the whole party came out of the ballroom wanting pictures. I went in and said hello to the person whose birthday it was. That was cool. It’s lovely to get to meet different people.

Do you have a typical fan?
Er, well, I think it’s mothers and young kids and a few odd teenagers. I try to go out to everyone, really. You get the odd blokes, like in taxis, who go: ‘I loved you on The X Factor’. I try to get them all. I get a lot of fan mail from mothers who say: ‘My daughter’s in love with you’ and stuff like that.

Weren’t you originally in Eton Road (the boy band that got booted off The X Factor halfway through)?
No, I wasn’t in Eton Road at all. But when I was younger, I was doing anything to get noticed and I went to the one random audition with some of the people who finally became Eton Road and that was it, really. There was nothing more to it at all – just one audition.

People say you look like Eddie Munster. Are you bothered?
No, I was made up. Saying I look as cute as that is a compliment.

You were in Brookside. Do you still see Jimmy Corkhill?
I don’t see Jimmy Corkhill, no, but I’d love to. I haven’t seen him for a while. Brookside was an amazing experience and it was great to be part of such a great cast.

What’s been your most extravagant purchase?
There hasn’t been anything yet. It’s work first, then play. I’ve bought some clothes and trainers but nothing extravagant. I’ve still got my Fiesta. I haven’t even been home properly since The X Factor so I haven’t had a chance to buy anything.

If you were a car, what car would you be?
I’d be an Aston Martin.

Have you ever been bitten by a dog?
Yeah, about a year ago. It was my best mate’s dog. It was just a puppy, a pug, and I was messing with it and he bit me on the finger. It didn’t hurt because he didn’t have any teeth – just gums. It was like being bitten by a fish.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Yeah, I was in my hotel room in The Conrad in Chelsea the other night and the TV switched itself on. I was like: ‘Do you wanna switch yourself back off again?’

Do you think someone was trying to get in contact with you from beyond the grave?
I don’t know. I don’t know if The Conrad is haunted… is it?




Ray Quinn-My Last Supper(October 2007)

My Last Supper: Ray Quinn

X FACTOR favourite Ray Quinn is appearing at the Liverpool Empire Theatre tonight until Saturday.

But he has to keep pinching himself to remind him it’s all real!

“I still can’t believe all this is real even though the excitement has come down a bit to a comfortable high,” he admits.

“It’s been a brilliant year and I hope there will be many more like it to come. I love recording, I love doing theatre gigs, but I’m open to anything.

“I would love to be on the West End or Broadway. Trust me, my dreams go beyond belief.

“But doing my own tour is amazing. I am never going to get bored.”

The former Brookside actor had better eat well to ensure he’s got enough energy to follow all those dreams, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Ray loves his food.

“I am on a nutritional diet at the moment and have a personal trainer to ensure I stay fit for the tour but when I can eat what I want, I go to town.”

Ray would book a table at Est Est Est at Liverpool’s Albert Dock for his final meal.

And he jokes: “If it was my last meal I would eat the entire menu twice and have a big fat belly.”

Asked to slim down his choice, however, Ray kept it simple.

“I would start with garlic bread and cheese and the mushrooms in a garlic, basil and white wine sauce.

“You can’t beat that.”

For main course?

“Very traditional, I would have a nice steak, cooked to medium, with thick, chunky chips.

“I would order that twice and I would have it served with a peppercorn sauce and some nice veg.”

For pud, it’s crepes for Ray.

“I just love the crepes with mascarpone cheese, ice cream and Nutella.”

He laughs: “There’d be no singing and dancing after that lot.”

But there would be love! Ray would dine with his girlfriend and it would be a romantic meal for just the two of them. Ah…




I want to be loved around the world

Emma Johnson meets the X-Factor finalist who has his sights set firmly on global domination

Ray Quinn, Liverpool singer and X Factor star

RAYMOND QUINN is covered in bruises. Don't worry, he has not been mugged by jealous thugs or jumped by a gang of over-excited schoolgirls, the bruises come from how often he has to pinch himself these days.
Barely two months after he lost out to Londoner Leona Lewis in the X-Factor final, he has just returned to the UK after recording his debut album in the Los Angeles sunshine.
For the past few weeks, he has been singing his heart out at the studios where his idol Frank Sinatra laid down his original vocals and he even got to croon into the same microphone used by Ol' Blue Eyes in his '50s heyday.
No wonder the 18-year-old, from Childwall, keeps thinking he is dreaming.

"Every day I get good news. I am not dreaming the life any more. I am living the dream," he says.
Millions of fans tuned in back in December to support Ray as he went head-to-head with Mariah Carey soundalike Leona on ITV's flagship talent show.
In the end he missed out on the £1m winner's record contract, with Leona stealing 60%of the whopping 8m votes cast on the night.
However, he took it like a man, praising Leona's talent and performance.
Little did he know as the confetti rained down on screen, Simon Cowell had a surprise in store when the singer returned to his dressing room. A record deal of his very own.
"On the night, obviously I felt a little bit gutted inside, but my feeling of being gutted was minute compared to the feeling that I had of wanting Leona to enjoy her moment," says Ray, of missing out on the X-Factor title and the inevitable Christmas Number One.

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LIVERPOOL ECHO:- 31st July 2007

I hated being the only lad in a class full of little girls

X Factor star and former child ballroom champion Ray Quinn is now judging a new generation of dancers. Jade Wright reports

JUST a year ago Ray Quinn was another hopeful, dreaming of X Factor success.

Now the tables have been turned and the chirpy teenage crooner has become a judge on ITV1’s latest hit show, Baby Ballroom.

The former national ballroom dancing champion is relishing putting a new generation through their paces as they compete to waltz, samba and jive their way to victory, but he knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of some particularly tough judges.

“I have been dancing, singing and entertaining my family in the living room since I was about three,” laughs Ray, who will turn 19 this month.

“I was always performing round the house so my mum took me to a dance class, I screamed the place down at first and hated it because I was the only lad in a class of little girls. Then I went back later when I was about six and suddenly thought, ‘I don’t care what people think, this is all right’.”

As a child he took part in national dancing competitions and by the age of 10 he was the British number one for the under 12’s ballroom and Latin dance – later going on to be ranked second in the world.

“I’ve danced up and down the country and started ballroom and Latin dancing when I was about 10 – I went on to be the under 12 No. 1 in Britain and I came second in the world in the British open,” says Ray. “I love ballroom dancing and I did really well. I suppose it was a full -time hobby – or obsession – for me.

“Dancing has been my life and I love it. Just being able to dance is the best thing. I love going to clubs when all the other blokes are sat at the bar and I’m the only one dancing.”

He is thoroughly enjoying judging the competition alongside Bonnie Langford and ballroom legend Pierre Dulaine.

“I got approached to do it and I was totally over the moon and more than happy to do it,” he says. “I think it’s great for young children to be able to get this opportunity and I’ve been a ballroom dancer since I was really young.

“I think it’s just a great thing to do as it’s great for adults, children and all ages.

“It’s a great confidence- booster and you get so much energy and enjoyment from it – not only are you keeping fit and healthy but you’re enjoying yourself.”

Dancing was not Ray’s only passion and as soon as he was old enough he was ransacking his two older brother’s record collections, and became fascinated by his dad’s old swing and jazz albums.

From then on, he got his hands on all he could from that inimitable, stylish era of musical history, watching the films, listening to the records and absorbing the attitude.

It was that attitude that helped him during a mishap on the X Factor tour.

“The ice machine was leaking so I slipped – I styled it out you know, I fell on my bum but I did a little break dance,” he grins.

Ray has some good advice for the young dancers. “Just to go for it. Be confident, keep it cool and just have fun – don’t be too serious just have fun,” he says. “At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.”

Having fun was something that Ray excelled at on the X Factor. After he was saved by a last minute change of heart by Simon Cowell, his cheeky charms soon won over his fellow contestants and the nation.

They watched him go home to a hero’s welcome in his beloved home, shake the hand of the legendary Tony Bennett who mentored the X-Factor contestants during the show (“he said Dean Martin would’ve liked me…”) and openly sob during a heartfelt version of You’ll Never Walk Alone, despite being a loyal Everton fan.

He may not have won the final, but his new fans already wanted to see more and hear what that incredible voice was really capable of.

The result was an album that went straight in at No. 1. That same day Ray performed at the Cavern Club and had his name added to the Wall of Fame.

He’s since been awarded the Scouseology award for best personality, once again being recognised by those in his home-town for what he has achieved in the last year.

“I was so honoured as Sir Paul McCartney has won this award in the past,” he says. “It was nice to know that Liverpool, my home city, is behind me. I left proud as punch. The award is boss. It lights up like a mini Vegas.”

Ray’s next big project is a national tour, calling in at the Liverpool Empire on October 25 and 26, but for now he’s concentrating on the ballroom stars of the future.

“I just want to see these kids enjoying themselves – that’s what it’s all about,” he says.

“I treat them like professionals and I also treat them like kids; it’s what they’re training for and what they love to do. They are trying to make careers so I’m honest ... but not too honest.”

The London Newspaper Interview-13th March 2007



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