The 10 Greatest Ever Soccer Teams

The Best Ten Football Teams According to FIFA for 2018/2019 Season

The Football World Rankings website has released its latest ranking on the best teams in the world. This classification is dated May 3rd. In this article, you have the top ten teams in the world according to FIFA’s latest ranking list.

  1. Seville

The tenth best in the world today in Seville. Although he does not live his best football moment, he remains firm in the Europa League and is in fourth place in the league (for the moment he ranks the next Champions).

  1. Boca Juniors

The runner-up in the Copa Libertadores. The biosample of Argentine football today. A great team that is considered the ninth best team in the world according to FIFA. He could be in a better position for the great team he’s got.

  1. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is going up in the Bundesliga and is already very close to Borussia Dortmund. In the Champions League will have a tough match against Liverpool. If he wins will go upstairs in the next ranking that reveals the FIFA.

  1. Guild

Gremio, champion of the 2017 Copa Libertadores and one of the best teams in South America.  For FIFA it is the seventh best team in the world and will seek to climb positions in this 2019. You have a great team and going for more.

  1. Juventus

Juventus leads in Italy, and there is no doubt in Series A. with Cristiano Ronaldo, he will seek to win the Champions League and will not have it easy: the goal now starts in the eighth against Atlético de Madrid and promises to be a great match.

  1. Palmeiras

The Last champion of Brazil. He reached the semi-finals of the last Copa Libertadores. The one who has a great team and promises to have a great 2019. Palmeiras inaugurates the top 5 of FIFA’s prestigious ranking. What will rise?

  1. Atletico Madrid

Atlético de Madrid has remained at the top of football in recent years and fights hand in hand all the leagues with Barcelona and Real Madrid. They will try to achieve maximum glory in this Champions League and first they will have to beat Juventus.

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona was in third place. He is currently the leader of the league and will seek to win the Champions League to be back in the first place. The one that many deserve to be for the class of their players.

  1. River Plate

The last champion of the Copa Libertadores. The one who comes on several high-level years ago and who is deservedly in second place. The best team in South America today. The one who won the Copa Libertadores final to his eternal rival.

  1. Real Madrid

The best team in the world today. The Club World Cup winner. The winner of the last three Champions League. The one who already won the one-way game of the eighth-finals. 100% deserved first place.