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This Morning(12/12/11)

This Morning(25/02/11


dbk by meg2006

This Morning(26/08/10)

 Sky News(18/08/10)

This Morning(22/03/10)

Ray Quinn And Robin Cousin's - This Morning
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Dancing On Ice Friday(19/03/10)

Ray Quinn And Chris Fountain - Dancing On Ice Friday
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This Morning-Great British Dog Walks(16/03/10)

Brunowalk6.jpg picture by rayquinnworld

Ray Quinn And His Dog Bruno - This Morning
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Dancing On Ice Launch Show 2010(08/0310)


Live @ Studio 5(December 2009)

Loose Women(December 2009)

Ready Steady Cook(25/11/09)

All Star Family Fortunes(25/10/09)


The Alan Titchmarsh Show(23/10/09)






Ray Quinn and Emma Stephens Interview-GMTV(05/08/09)


Ray Quinn,Emma Stephens And The Cast Of Grease-GMTV(05/08/09)


Ray Quinn-Watch TV(03/06/09)


Ray and Emma-BBC Breakfast(27/05/09)



Ray and Emma-This Morning(12/05/09)






This Morning(23/03/09)



Paul O Grady(11/03/09)

Part 1

Part 2




GMTV Interview-2008

Grease 30th Anniversary(2008)


Ray Gets Fit




The Wright Stuff(2008)


Everybody Dance Now(August 2008)

In August 2008 Ray and the cast of Grease took part in a ITV1 special about the nations favourite dances.They performed Greased Lightning.


Hider In The House

In early 2008 Ray took part in an episode of the popular children's tv programme Hider in the House.In this show,the celebrity has to successfully hide in a family's house with out the children's parents suspecting anything!!In this episode Ray had to complete a series of challenges which involved eating horseradish sauce,losing his voice knocking on neighbours doors asking for various items!!Ray of course succesfully completed his set of challenges!!



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